Moultrie Group Web Design

Digital Web update to match updated marketing collateral

Moultrie Group Web Design

Moultrie_web_design_contentMoultrie Group is the service partner of choice for many Australian and international mining, exploration and infrastructure companies.

Their extensive history and experienced staff assist clients seeking customised and fully integrated professional and technical services to enhance their capabilities across their project lifecycle.

Moultrie Group is quickly growing past it’s geological roots and firmly establishing itself as a world leader in integrated mining solutions.

Q4 Creative, and our web development partners C9 worked in conjunction with Moultrie Group’s own internal Marketing & Communications team to develop a professional online presence.

Moultrie_website_front_0The deadline was set to ensure that Moultrie Group’s website was ready for the 2012 International Geological Conference, which they are sponsoring.

The brief was to develop a fresh and modern website, that engaged their target audience, and allowed the business to maintain and update it’s own content on a regular basis.

By choosing a class-leading Content Management System (CMS), that aligned with the client’s own technologies, Q4 Creative and C9 were able to help Moultrie Group realise their goals.

Our web design methodology ensured that the website design met all of the right criteria, and the website development phase could be completed quickly and efficiently. Allowing the client to access the development environment to learn the CMS and create and manage their content, they saved both time and money.

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