TV Plus Advertisements

Designing advertising to meet regulations

TV Plus Advertisements

MacDonnellsLawAdvertisementSeries_0MacDonnells Law is a Queensland-wide legal firm that provides a wide range of legal services to it’s clients. Recognised amongst the best firms in Queensland,
MacDonnells Law are building value in their brand, and have approached Q4 Creative to provide them with the creative edge to continue to be recognised as a leader in their industry.

Working with their head office in Cairns, Q4 Creative was asked to develop a series of advertisements targeting just a few of the service offered from their broad range. Utilising their banner advertising space across the bottom of the front cover of the popular TV Plus television guide, we decided on a series that could be rotated each week, reinforcing the benefit of just one area of law in each advertisement.

The MacDonnels Law brief presented new and exciting challenges to Q4 Creative.

Whilst designing advertisements is in our blood, Q4 Creative was thrown into a new world when this prominent Queensland law firm approached us to maximise the value of their advertising space.


We worked very closely with the business to ensure that the imagery and copy that we developed for their advertising series stayed within the legal bounds that law firms must abide by when developing advertisements. Consistent communication and working with feedback from the partners we developed a series of advertisements that reflects the values of the firm, meets the legal requirements of the content and are gets their message across.

Q4 Creative is proud of this work, and we believe that jobs like this really demonstrate the value and returns in our approach of partnering with our clients so that we work with the business, not just for it.