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Worn Out West Banners

When the largest bush clothing and saddlery store in North West Queensland made the move to change their name from the iconic and historic “Mans World” (established in 1956) to “Worn Out West” they knew that they needed to reinforce the new brand in the marketplace. Based in Mt Isa, Queensland, they have a client base that spans the thousands of kilometers in the surrounding areas, and they approached Q4 Creative to find a way to get the new brand out in front of their valued customer base – high quality, visually engaging mobile signage!

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Worn Out West needed a banner that would stand out and capture peoples attention and deliver the message that the new Brand “Worn Out West” would continue to deliver the same exceptional customer service and carry the biggest and the best range of trusted brands as the previous “Mans World” brand that had become so iconic in the region. The banners needed to reflect the culture that Worn Out West’s founders Peter and Hannah Hacon share with their Customers. Working together with Worn Out West, Q4 Createive came across an exceptional rural photographers in Emma Bradshaw and Andrew Yeo and their¬†Wild Fillies Photography¬†business. The photography of Emma reflected exactly the style that Worn Out West are famous for, and Q4 Creative worked to combine the imagery with the brand to create a visual solution that’s eye-catching, professional and carries the message that the “Worn Out West” Brand will continue to deliver what the loyal customers of Mans World have come to expect.

WOW Collateral_1_Lndscpe3Using high quality, portable banners, Worn Out West are able to move their message to where their customer is. Being actively involved in the region, and sponsoring rodeo’s and rodeo riders (with sponsorship branding screen printed on their shirts by Q4 Creative), Worn Out West have numerous opportunities to put their brand right in the sight-lines of their customers, and the banners allow them to do just that. Q4 Creative provided the graphic design and production of two vinyl banners for Worn Out West. Two banners were chosen, one to engage each gender in the market. When the banners aren’t on the road reinforcing the new Brand through community events that the store and it’s owners participate in, they can be put to use in or around the store in Mt Isa to continue to provide reinforcement of the Worn Out West Brand.